ENiGMA½ 0.0.8-alpha Released!

ENiGMA½ 0.0.8-alpha has been released, merged to master as is available for install via all of the usual methods.

Some of the notable changes include:

  • Mystic BBS style extended pipe color codes. These allow for example, to set “iCE” background colors.
  • File descriptions (FILE_ID.DIZ, etc.) now support Renegade pipe, PCBoard, and other less common color codes found commonly in BBS era scene releases.
  • New menu stack flags: noHistory now works as expected, and a new addition of popParent. See the default menu.hjson for usage.
  • File structure changes making ENiGMA½ much easier to maintain and run in Docker. Thanks to RiPuk (Dave Stephens)! See UPGRADE.md for details.
  • Switch to pure JS xxhash instead of farmhash. Too many issues on ARM and other less popular CPUs with farmhash (Dave Stephens)
  • Native CombatNet support! (Dave Stephens)
  • Fix various issues with legacy DOS Telnet terminals. Note that some may still have issues with extensive CPR usage by ENiGMA½ that will be addressed in a future release.
  • Added web (http://, https://) based download manager including batch downloads. Clickable links if using VTXClient!
  • General VTX hyperlink support for web links
  • DEL vs Backspace key differences in FSE
  • Correly parse oddball INTL, TOPT, FMPT, Via, etc. FTN kludge lines
  • NetMail support! You can now send and receive NetMail. To send a NetMail address a external user using Name <address> format from your personal email menu. For example, Foo Bar <123:123/123>. The system also detects other formats such asa Name @ address (Foo Bar@123:123/123)
  • oputil.js: Added mb areafix command to quickly send AreaFix messages from the command line. You can manually send them from personal mail as well.
  • oputil.js fb rm|remove|del|delete functionality to remove file base entries
  • Users can now (re)set File and Message base pointers
  • Add --update option to oputil.js fb scan
  • Fix @watch path support for event scheduler including FTN, e.g. when looking for a toss!.now file produced by Binkd.

…and LOTS more!

For more info, check out WHATSNEW.md, the commits on GitHub or try it out on Xibalba or fORCE9 BBS!